What/who is steam?

STEAM is comprised of 50+ and growing brands that are focused on creating innovations in social sciences, tech, entrepreneurism, art, and/or medicine. They strive to become financially literate and independent while they grow their ideas into industries. STEAM provides peer taught workshops along with a structured accelerator and incubator program. Anyone may apply (yes you!)

what is an accelerator?

An accelerator is a six month program designed with classes and mentorship in order to take your brand to the next phase. This could mean a brand launch or possibly a release of a new product. In these courses you learn about marketing, financial investments, and scaling. Any size brand can apply here.


There are no wrong answers. We are here to help guide and provide feedback to strengthen your brand at any phase. Apply to the workshop or program you feel fits you best right now and we will give back a suggested path for your brand via email in less than a week. In the end you are in control of your experience and can enroll to any workshop you wish. Accelerator and incubator require admission by us and is accepted on a rolling basis.


How do I get started

We encourage starting with a workshop. Browse our course catalog to see what topics are most important to your brand right now. Workshops are designed to be taken online but we try to pair entrepreneurs in the same regions so in-person connection is possible. Apply for a workshop via the application here. Workshops are provided on a rolling basis.

what is an INCUBATOR?

Incubators are designed for brands that are looking for serious financial insights. No matter what type of investment they are looking for they will gain the knowledge to choose the right fit for their brand. The program is a year long because we connect you with mentors and potential investors and we want to give your brand enough time to explore all options available. STEAM provides digital content, bookkeeping, legal, and go-to-market strategies for every member in the program. We are investing our time and resources into your success. At the end of the program STEAM may offer to continue our services in exchange for 5% of your net revenue.


We would love to have you. We strive to create diverse voices in our teachings so that every member receives new insights to their brand they may never have seen before. Let us know what you want to lead by applying here.